Facility Management

Ensuring technical operation

All general and technical facilities of the BioCampus are of course looked after and maintained by our Facility Management department. In addition, we ensure general operation on the site and in the buildings.

As a tenant or building owner on the BioCampus, you are of course free to manage your property yourself. Of course, you can also rely on BioCampus Cologne’s expertise in this area in order to outsource part or all of your facility management. You benefit from our local knowledge and our relationships with local craftsmen and companies.

Our facility management includes the maintenance of the building technology, the execution of cleaning and garden maintenance work, caretaker service, the execution of renovation work and conversion measures including the optional organisation of the craftsmen.

Our facility management includes:

  • the maintenance of building services engineering/maintenance measures,

  • the performance of cleaning work,

  • the maintenance of the green areas,

  • building technology services and

  • the carrying out of renovation and conversion work.

In addition, you can, of course, draw on the expertise of BioCampus Cologne for the internal management of your rooms or buildings. Benefit from our local expertise and our relationships with local craftsmen and companies.

An expert BioCampus team takes care of the buildings and the general condition of the entire area. Building systems, such as central ventilation and cooling systems, heating systems, elevators, are maintained by us at regular intervals and undergo a professional technical inspection. This includes the inspection and continuous improvement of the systems.

We accompany your company’s growth and take care of the professional conversion or extension of areas in coordination with tenants. This service ranges from small office conversions to the turnkey expansion of shell areas. The office and laboratory rooms can be adapted to suit individual requirements.

In addition to the aforementioned cleaning, maintenance and repair work, the BioCampus also operates its own plant security service, which ensures the safety of tenants and owners; combined with a gatekeeper service at the main entrance to the site.
Furthermore, we offer:


  • winter road clearance,
  • a postal service,
  • waste management,
  • street cleaning,
  • maintenance of fire protection measures as well as
  • services up to the support of building insurances.