Concept: Space for the future

Development area, source of innovation and communication platform—BioCampus Cologne offers space for high-tech companies from all future-oriented industries.

Due to a diverse and flexible space offer, the northwest of Cologne not only accommodates research & development of innovative products and services, but also their implementation in production. The Biocampus Cologne is therefore an ideal ecosystem with development potential on all sides.

Space for something new

With more than 30,000 m² floor space, the BioCampus offers the ideal development space for innovative companies: from the first premises of a start-up to the extended floor space of a growing medium-sized company to the new building concepts of a globally active company. The collegial proximity creates a special innovation culture, since all actors in the innovation process come together and both development and production can take place door to door.

Space for synergy

This is where knowledge, technology and entrepreneurial spirit for future industries come together. Internationally active market leaders live in good neighborhoods with innovative start-ups and ambitious medium-sized companies. BioCampus sees itself not only as a provider of modern and tailor-made infrastructure, but also as an intermediary for interdisciplinary exchange. This is precisely why we are constantly working to expand BioCampus as a platform for the interaction of specialist expertise, financial partners and networks.

Space for width

The fusion of science and industry makes BioCampus Cologne a clear location advantage for many companies. Here, companies can not only grow and expand their business, but also develop new business fields in cooperation with each other. The excellent connections to one of the largest industrial regions in Europe also support its international orientation. Thanks to the local community and short distances to the global markets, BioCampus Cologne offers the best perspectives for business development. With its technological diversity, its central location in the Rhine-Ruhr agglomeration and extensive expansion areas for new construction projects, the BioCampus is also an ideal location for innovative technologies.

Space for innovation

Fields such as Life Science, Healthcare, Digitisation, Engineering, Chemistry, Energy and Mobility form a technology-neutral diversity. An open innovation approach creates an ideal environment for interdisciplinary cooperation. The BioCampus also provides access to the diverse scientific landscape of the Rhineland. In the medium term, scientific institutions shall also be able to gain a foothold directly on site.

Space for you

Use the synergies of business, science and international orientation for your company and the realization of your ideas.

BioCampus Cologne creates the future space for
innovation and technology in the Rhineland

Technology diversity × company diversity = interdisciplinary ecosystem

Technological diversity:

The BioCampus is home to companies from various fields of technology. The immense potential of content synergies through interdisciplinary work is available for the solution of complex technological problems. This provides the ideal environment for the development of innovative products and services.


Corporate diversity:

In addition to networking different technologies, BioCampus brings together all players in the innovation process. Start-ups, medium-sized companies and corporate groups will find room for sustainable growth and numerous opportunities for exchange among each other here. In addition, the settlement of scientific institutions is planned for the future.


Interdisciplinary ecosystem:

The combination of technology and company diversity results in a unique environment for the realisation of innovations. The companies located here can use the proximity to each other to cooperate and thus exploit the potential of this ecosystem for their business development.