The hotspot for innovation & technology in Cologne and the Rhineland

Currently, the BioCampus uses only a fraction of its spatial potential. For the remaining vacant space, we are pursuing the goal of continuing to exploit the given advantages in order to generate the maximum from this enormous growth potential. In this way, we want to continue to ensure a growing diversity of players and technologies in the future and thus increase the opportunities for synergies.

An attractive location is particularly important for many companies as an argument in their search for personnel. Due to its location in Cologne, the BioCampus is connected to the labour market of the Rhineland and the Ruhr area, i.e. the most populous area in Germany— an advantage in the competition for highly qualified specialists. This trend will also continue to strengthen in the future.

And in order to further establish BioCampus as one of the leading high-tech locations, we ensure that all relevant factors are well integrated—to the advantage of all parties involved. We help companies to bring their products and services to market maturity and increase their added value through targeted networking of the diverse local players. We want to promote this further by using our connections to science, research, business and politics; a clear competitive advantage for the local companies.
In perspective, the BioCampus is also increasingly assuming the role of an incubator. This includes the pooling of talents, financial resources, investors, subsidies and specialist networks.

We are focusing on future-oriented fields such as digitisation and biologisation and are thus building on growth technologies for the 21st century.

The BioCampus today

The BioCampus connects on short distances 7.000 m² representative office and conference rooms and about 5.000 m² modern S1 and S2, as well as chemical laboratories. Modern infrastructure such as fiber optic cabling and high-performance building services engineering are offered as required. Sufficient parking space is available in the T25 multi-storey car park and in outdoor car parks.



Development - and Masterplan